Privacy Policy


The Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) is concerned about your privacy and takes active steps to protect any personal information you share with us. This policy describes how we collect such information, what we do with it and the measures we take to protect it when you use the ART website or log into the SmART Ringer on-line learning system. It forms part of a wider Data Protection Policy.


The ART website is an open site available to all users of the internet. No personal data is collected when you browse the information on the site. Anonymous data is collected by analytical programmes which record your use of particular pages or features. More information about this is given in the section on cookies below.

When visiting the ART website you may request information or buy goods on-line through the site. If you do this you will be asked to provide personal contact details. This may include your name, email address, postal address and telephone number – whatever is required to respond to your request. Examples of this are if you post a question under “Frequently Asked Questions” or use the form on the “Contact and Support” pages. The information you enter on these forms goes to the Association’s Administrator and will only be shared with officers, management committee members or tutors as is necessary to respond to your request. More of your personal data will be required if you make an on-line purchase. We use a third-party agency, PayPal, to collect payments for goods if you choose not to pay by cheque or BACS.

If you are registered with ART as a new ringer, ART Training Scheme delegate or member of ART you are issued with an account to log into the on-line learning system, SmART Ringer. When you use the system, SmART Ringer will record which pages you view and the results of any tests you attempt. This information may be used by tutors to support you while you are on the ART Training Scheme programme and your test results are required to confirm that you have satisfactorily completed the programme and can proceed to accreditation. Your name may be visible to other participants in that course on SmART Ringer, but your contact details are confidential to the Administrator, your Tutor and authorised officers of the Association.

During your programme and once you are an accredited member of the Association you may need to provide us with personal data about others. Examples of this are when you wish to register a new ringer that you are teaching or submit for accreditation a trainee teacher you are mentoring. This data is collected through using forms in the relevant courses on SmART Ringer and is confidential to the Administrators and authorised officers of the Association.

As an accredited member of ART your name and location will appear in the Directory of ART Members on the ART website unless you opt not to be included. Contact with you can be made through an on-line form which maintains the security of your contact details.


When you use the ART website and SmART Ringer you give your consent for the site to use a small number of cookies which enable you to experience the functions offered in parts of the site effectively. A cookie is a small file downloaded onto your computer or other device which allows the website to recognise you specifically. More information about cookies is available at: Examples of our use of cookies are to allow you to collect items to purchase in a shopping basket when you are buying ART goods, to record your use of objects or tests on SmART Ringer (a session cookie which is cancelled when you log out) and to remember your username when you log in.

Anonymous data about use of pages is collected by Google Analytics when you use the ART website. This provides us with statistics to manage and improve the site. As noted above, when you use SmART Ringer which pages you visit are recorded in activity logs. This information is confidential to the Administrator and authorised officers of the Association.


Other than to fulfil your requests for information, services or goods you wish to purchase, we will not share your personal details with third parties without your consent. In fulfilling your requests we, for example, work with services such as PayPal to arrange payments for purchases and EduCare to provide on-line training in safeguarding.


We may make changes to this policy from time to time. You are advised to revisit this policy page occasionally to see these updates.


If you have any questions about this policy or data protection you are invited to contact the Association’s Secretary (

Last Modified: February 2016