ART insurance & safeguarding update

ART holds an Ecclesiastical Insurance Charity and Community Policy no. 06/CHA/6081846 for Employer's Liability risks.

The insured is ‘The committee for the time being of the Association of Ringing Teachers, its Officers, Members and affiliated Hubs & Centres'.

Essentially it protects ART and its Members against claims against ART and its Members for negligence whilst undertaking its normal business activities. The description of the ‘business’ on the policy is ‘to develop and support teaching and recruitment in the art of change ringing, including organisation and delivery of courses, publications (all media), seminars, conferences, awards, individual tuition and other events' (there is more detail on SmART Ringer - click here).

Should any accident occur resulting in injury or damage to third party property the report form on SmART Ringer must be used to report the incident immediately.

Important policy update

The ecclesiastical have changed the terms of their charities policies for all charities & churches whereby teaching a minor or vulnerable adult alone requires more stringent conditions which ART is not able to fully comply with.

ART has always made it clear within its codes of practice that teaching a child or vulnerable adult alone should be avoided. This has now changed to make it clear that such circumstances MUST be avoided and that liability insurance cover would not apply if any claim were made.

» Read the updated Code of Practice for Training Children and Vulnerable Adults

Safeguarding checks in Scotland – the PVG scheme

The safeguarding issue is becoming very important and ART have decided that following extensive thought and research we can no longer accept PVG Scotland certificates and need DBS safeguarding certificates for all ART teachers and affiliate members. Exemption Declarations for members not teaching children and vulnerable adults are still valid.

ART is unable to access the PVG scheme for Scottish Members. The Scottish PVG scheme is very different to the scheme in England and involves both the ‘employer’ and ‘employee’ registering, making payments and any information being available only to the registered ‘employer’. Production of a PVG certificate does not give the information ART requires to confirm any history.

Nonetheless ART is required to carry out the necessary checks and the only economic way of doing that is to use the English system which also covers Scotland. Lloyd Education will provide enhanced checks for members in Scotland for the same admin fee of £8 payable by the individual. If a member is not teaching Vulnerable Adults or Children, then we will accept an annual declaration instead.

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