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Chairman’s Chatter

I talk to quite a few people every week as part of my role as ART Chair – keen people, driven people, people who love ringing – and I’ve noticed a change in mood in recent weeks.People are becoming disheartened. The gung-ho spirit of the early months of lockdown which produced a flurry of technical innovation and activity is being replaced by a feeling that it will be a long time before “normal” ringing resumes and that a fair number of learners and older ringers won’t be returning. Even Ringing Room is palling for some people – it’s not the same as physical ringing. I do believe there has been a real mood change and we should talk about it.

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ART Awards 2021

It is never too early to be thinking about who or what you would like to see recognised through the annual ART Awards. There are so many amazing people in our ringing community who support us, innovate for us and inspire us! Now is the time to make sure potential award nominees are on your radar and that you are in a position to gather the information and evidence to do justice to the nomination of those you most value and admire. To help support your chosen nominations, we have asked two former judges to write an article on how to prepare a strong application.

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