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What a year 2018 was for ART – and ringing as a whole! The Ringing Remembers initiative has seen an influx of recruits and a great deal of good publicity for ringing. Now we must capitalise on that work by maintaining ringing’s high and positive media profile as well as developing and retaining our new ringers.

For ART and ART teachers the workload has been exceptional. 1400 new ringers registered, 60 courses run, increased workshop requests and accreditation rates now running at approximately 33% Our membership has increased by about 25% to about 550. Already there are indications that the level of activity may not reduce in 2019!

The Conference is almost upon us and I am looking forward to meeting many of you in Worcester ... [contd]

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Thank you Graham

Graham Nabb will be standing down as ART Chairman at the March AGM. Graham has been with ART from the start and has been instrumental in its development and growth. His many ART friends say "thank-you".

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Denise joins the team

Denise Tremain joined the ART Admin team at the beginning of the year.

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ART Conference 2019

ART’s exciting agenda this year includes a great line up of speakers on the Saturday and an invitation to contribute to a Vision for the Future of Youth Ringing on the Sunday. Join us at the Worcestershire Cricket Club on 2/3 March 2019

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Out and About


A new band at Mitcham

Starting from nothing, Mitcham now has a healthy band of about ten learners; eight of whom have passed LtR Level 1.

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A band without bells

Following the sad news that Church Gresley Church was to close, the band has found new ways to keep ringing.

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Seventeen for Kilmood

17 new ringers were taught to ring for a new 6-bell tower opened to commemorate the Centenary of World War One.

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ART News

Teacher Refresher Day - one year on

Lesley Boyle looks back at the Ely Diocesan Association Teacher Refresher Day. At the time, the day felt as thought it had been a great success but now, a year later, what has happened ... not bad was the conclusion!

Don’t reinvent the wheel

What do you use SmART Ringer for? If you are a teacher, you will have completed the multiple-choice quiz and hopefully submitted LtR passes for your ringers. But do you use the wealth of teaching material available? Judith Frye ran a Plain Hunt day for her learners. No need to reinvent the wheel; she went straight to SmART Ringer to check out the resources!



A Young Ringers' Outing

Here at the Old North Berks Branch of the ODG, we try to fit in a young ringers’ outing in every school holiday. They enjoyed trying a variety of table top games and ringing carols on handbells as well as ringing, ranging from rounds to Plain Bob Minor and Grandsire Doubles. It was a good way to spend the last afternoon of the school holidays!

Having fun with bells

Podcasts! Are you a listener to these snippets of chat and discussion that are a growing way of broadcasting audio entertainment? They are like a little radio show, except you download a podcast. They can be about everything and anything and now we have one about bell ringing!

Cathy Booth will be producing this weekly series of podcasts aimed at raising awareness of bell ringing, to recruit new ringers and also for those who are relatively new to bell ringing to encourage them.

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Education & Technology

Teaching Tips

Do your learners struggle with changing the speed of their bell, particularly at backstroke? Find out how many of the LtR Level 2 exercises contribute to the refinement of this skill.

How far can our learners go?

Why do only a minority of our Learning the Ropes ringers achieve their Level 5? Feedback from ringers and teachers tell the story – a Level 5 certificate is only a small part of what's important.

Simulator Resources

We are developing a set of simulator resources available to ringers everywhere. If you can help in any way, with content, photos or videos, then please contact Lesley Belcher.

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