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We thought 2017 was a really successful year for ART, but it looks at though 2018 will surpass it by a long way. In the first half of this year we have had a record number of new ringers registered, a record number of accreditations for both Modules, the number of courses run this year is well above previous years, and more are still being added to the events timetable. There is also a growing interest in ART Workshops.

Looking ahead, the ART Conference is taking place on March 2 2019 in Worcester and a programme of speakers on a variety of subjects is already booked. The Sunday of the Conference weekend will be run by the CCCBR Volunteer and Leadership work group and will focus on Youth. It is particularly pleasing that we are beginning to work with the V&L workgroup in a number of areas which will be to the benefit of ringing as a whole ... [contd]

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Learn to ring in a week

Ringing Remembers seemed a good opportunity to attract more ringers. In Dunblane teaching more intensively has long been our aim but it is not always easy to achieve as it requires a lot of commitment on the part of both learners and teachers. Since several of the band are now retired, a five-day course towards the end of the school holidays was planned with the aim of attracting youngsters. “Learn to Ring in a Week” was advertised on the Cathedral and local websites; information was sent to various youth organisations; the Boys Brigade visited the practice night; Facebook and Twitter were employed; and posters displayed all around the town.

» The Tower Captain's Tale. The Teacher's Tale. The Recruits' Tale


2019 ART Awards

It’s time to start thinking about the 2019 ART Awards – getting your evidence together, photos taken and for the more adventurous, videos produced.

The award categories and prizes will be announced in October.

» Preview of the 2019 ART Awards

» 2018 ART Award winners

Module 1 - mentor bell handling assessment

From 1 January 2019 all mentors of Module 1 teachers will also be assessed as part of our drive to improve standards.

» The why and the how

Group Teaching


Creating the Walsoken Hub

From secretly learning to ring as a surprise for his wife to creating somewhere in his local district to teach bell handling, Bob has his own unique take on teaching and learning to ring.

» Hear more from Bob


In search of ART in Yorkshire

Teachers from four towers in Yorkshire have been busy teaching new ringers using the ART Training Scheme. Here’s the latest news from Sheffield, Sprotborough, Northallerton and Kildwick.

» The Yorkshire Post


Hathern Hub

Tony Croft poses the question: what is harder to master – quantum physics or rocket science? I'm not sure if we get the answer to that question but we learn a lot about teaching using a simulator.

» Teaching at the Hathern Hub

Recruitment & retention

Teaching Youngsters

Teaching youngsters? Then don’t be afraid to "bend the rules". Find out which rules Helen McGregor is bending in Alderney

» Bending the rules

Ringing Remembers
What will your tower ring?

Some people no doubt will ring quarter peals and peals, some will have open ringing. But if you have recruited ringers under the Ringing Remembers scheme what could you ring them?

» Ideas with a twist by Pip Penney

Recruiting Ringers
A recipe for success

"We decided to come up with a way to help our twenty Module 1 teachers find the learners they required, whilst at the same time recruiting new people to ringing, under the remit of Ringing Remembers."

» The actual recipe


York one year on

Teaching new ringers at York Minster is not a new idea and continues with the new band. Having taken both ART Modules, the band has embraced its structured learning plan. There are a number of young people associated with the band, including three junior members, who ring for Sunday service, and two of whom have rung quarters at the Minster.

» Alison Edmonds and David Hull write about teaching at York Minster

Education & Technology

Education Matters

A look at the VAK learning styles model; its validity and its limitations. See how students learn using a mixture of learning styles and their preferences may well change as learning progresses.

Pop-up Simulation

Wireless sensors that are simple and straight forward to set-up, give the possibility of easily portable, "pop-up” silent ringing in any tower. Find out more and see if it could work for you.

Recruitment & Retention

"A few months ago, I read with great interest your pages covering recruitment and retention. It was hugely helpful and inspiring ... it has given our band the boost in numbers that we urgently needed."

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