Should it be called Module 2V?

Watch out for details of our new ART workshop on running a virtual practice using the Zoom, Ringing Room combo.

Maybe you haven't had a chance to experience using Ringing Room in a way that helps learners understand theory and progress in their striking and method ringing, engages band members and takes advantage of the benefits of ringing with each other over the internet? It could well be over twelve months before we are able to teach bell handling again so it's worth attending this new short (just over 60 mins) workshop in order to get the most out of lockdown ringing.

The workshop is especially relevant to those who have attended the ART M2 modules on teaching rounds to Plain Hunt and beyond, and anyone interested in running practices and helping to keep and progress the hundreds of learners gained during the Ringing Remembers and other recruitment initiatives.

Please email Rose ( to register your interest and we'll be in touch with details and times.

" The best listening practice ever " ­

Barbara Murray

" No need to worry about rope length or

bell weight ­ just ring! " ­

Nick Cant

Lesley Boyle