Tulloch Ringing Course

Beyond Plain Bob Minor

I was one of the ringers attending the Beyond Plain Bob Minor week at the Tulloch Ringing Centre and together with my husband and granddaughter had a great time. Five days of concentrated ringing for six hours a day certainly produced results. I hesitate to use the terms teacher, helper or learner as I feel we all learnt something about ringing, teaching or learning during the week and all made progress one way or another.

We certainly worked hard through the week: ringing a variety of methods, thinking about place bells and ringing one lead at a time, thinking about rhythm and the patterns involved in hunting, dodging and place making, and thinking about calling bobs. Even preparing for calling a quarter!

There were so many opportunities; the ringing Centre, the light ring in the last tower, the simulator and handbell ringing and informal discussion over lunch or coffee breaks, as well as formal theory sessions all contributed to making the week successful in building skills and confidence.

Some quotes from the course delegates help to show how much people valued the course.

“I think it’s really good to be able to learn things in a concentrated way in a short period of time.”

“This has been an extremely valuable week. With the support and patience of a team of very experienced ringers, we have progressed through St Simons, St Clements and Bastow to understand and begin to ring Kent Treble Bob Minor. I now understand the structure of these methods and the links between them, and have picked up a host of tips to help me develop further in my ringing. The increased skills, knowledge and confidence I have gained have exceeded all my expectations. My toolbox is overflowing.”

“Starting this week as a beginner I have been well nurtured in both hand bell and tower bell ringing.”

“I feel as if I gained six months of ringing experience in five days”

We would all like to thank Helen and Peter for their hospitality, generosity, persistence and enthusiasm which made all this possible. A donation of £80 was made to ART by course delegates.


Barbara Busby