ART Award prize money wings it way up to Durham

We were delighted to find out that we won an ART award for the promotion of ringing to younger people. As a university society we depend on new members each year to keep the society alive, In previous years we've really struggled with recruitment. This year much like last year we've continued our efforts with the production of leaflets, 'Give it a go' sessions and setting up a mini ring. The mini ring was set up just outside the student's union and it attracted the attention of students and locals and was wonderful to see how many people were intrigued by the hobby. This year we've been very fortunate to have seven new members - two of whom already have some ringing experience.

With the award money we've purchased more teaching and learning aids and intend to buy a new bell model (our current one is a bit worse for wear!) The remaining money will be put towards our annual summer tour, where we visit around sixteen towers over a long weekend. The tour is a fantastic opportunity for learners to get lots of extra ringing experience with new bells and methods.

Thank you very much, I've attached a photo from our latest summer tour to Nottingham.

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