Chairman's Chatter - December 2017

Chairman’s Chatter is published in the quarterly ART WORKS magazine for ART Members and those on the ART Training Scheme.

This year I attended the Learning the Ropes Masterclass in Birmingham. The Masterclass was open to all ringers who passed their Level 5 during 2016. The inspiration of Stephanie Warboys, who organised the day, it was a great opportunity for them to ring new things in a fantastic environment and make new ringing friends. After a talk about Birmingham ringing and the importance of striking everyone tried new methods and rang on 10, 12 and 16 bells with some of the best ringers in the country – a day they will always remember. If you have ringers approaching their LtR Level 5, make sure they complete before the end of the year and give them the chance to go to the Masterclass in 2018!

Nominations for the 2017 ART Awards are open until 31 December. In the last two years £5500 has been given out in prize money, so have a look and see what you can apply for or nominate a LtR Achiever.

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The ART Conference 2018 will take place at Royston on 3 March 2018 and we have a great line up of speakers covering many topical issues. Do save the date as booking opens in early January. The second day of the conference concentrates on simulators and new technology and is hosted by the CCCBR Education Committee.

» 2018 ART Conference

Registration of new ringers on the Learning the Ropes schemes has increased by 45% this year so many more new ringers have the advantage of being able to access the support information on SmART Ringer and receiving the Tower Talk newsletter. Ringers being awarded LtR certificates have also increased significantly but we would like to see more certificates being issued at the higher levels. With the opportunity to add ringers at any level, and the attraction of the ART Awards and the Masterclass it is surprising we do not see more people achieving Level 3 and beyond. This progress with increasing numbers of new ringers and achievement awards is a great credit to the work carried out by ringing teachers up and down the country.

The 50 Ringing Things challenge has caused a great deal of activity this year and we now have our first gold plus achievement certificate issued. Well done! Are you or your ringers in the ‘Hall of Fame’ yet?

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Nine workshops have been run this year including the first Tower Leadership workshop which deals with the nuts and bolts of running a tower - recruitment, PR, meeting the expectations of new ringers, local relationships, managing the tower and leadership skills - and a chance to chat through difficult issues you may come across. If you have not booked one in your area yet do get in touch.

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The Ringer’s Guide to Learning the Ropes has now sold its 1250th copy and the new comprehensive Teacher’s Guide to Learning the Ropes, which replaces Teaching Tips, sold 200 copies in its first month of publication. This has only been possible because of a huge effort by Anne Sladen, Gill Hughes & Tony Goodman, our merchandising team. Well done and thank you. These books are a fantastic support to new ringers and teachers alike.

Have a Happy Christmas everyone and my best wishes for your teaching in 2018.