Conference 2014: CC and RF reaffirm support for ITTS

Attendees at the ART Conference 2014 heard renewed commitments from the Central Council and Ringing Foundation towards furthering the progress made with ITTS.

Chris Mew (left in image), Vice President of the Central Council (CC), sent his best wishes for the success of the Conference and assured ART Members that the work of the Association in progressing ITTS training is very much applauded. He added, “The Central Council have been providing a platform at regional seminars for ART and ITTS to be explained and I am sure that the Council will continue to give you support in whatever way we can”.

Further support came from the Ringing Foundation (RF), who made a special announcement ahead of the Conference on 8 March. Brian Meads (right in image), Chairman of the Ringing Foundation, revealed, “On the basis of the success so far achieved with the Integrated Teacher Training Scheme (ITTS), the Ringing Foundation has undertaken to provide long term financial support to the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) for the ITTS, including the Learning the Ropes scheme.”

ART and RF have prepared a plan and funding package for the 5 years 2015-2020, with revised targets for ART to achieve and a diminishing yearly grant from the RF as the Association continues to progress towards financial independence.

The ART Management Committee and the ITTS Teachers present were delighted to hear this renewed support from both organisations. We look forward to continuing the support provided by the Ringing Foundation and our close collaboration with the Central Council’s Committees and Affiliated Societies.