Continuing the legacy of the Ringing Foundation

The Association of Ringing Teachers has been one of the largest beneficiaries of the foresight, dedication and support provided by the Ringing Foundation (RF) and we wish to share our thanks for all they have done to foster the improvement and development in the teaching and learning of change ringing.

Speaking at the RF AGM yesterday shortly after RF members voted to dissolve the company, Pip Penney (ART Chairman) expressed her gratitude to the RF and those who have served as Directors over recent years. The RF provided the initial brief that resulted in the ART Training Scheme (ITTS) and the Learning the Ropes scheme for ringers. Since then, the RF has been a Patron of ART providing funding to the organisation since its inception.

» About ART

ART is an independent, registered charity with a mission to improve the learning experience of new ringers by developing and supporting the delivery, integrity, and standards in the teaching, instruction and education, of the art of change ringing. ART is a membership organisation with over 200 Members who annually elect their Management Committee at the ART Conference.

» How ART is organised

Through a diversified set of income streams, ART is becoming less and less reliant on external grants. We hope that further fundraising will supplement the on-going revenue from the delivery of ART Training Scheme Day Courses, our extensive range of teaching and learning products, our ART Members annual subscription, the growing ART Supporters scheme and the new ART LtR 50/50 Prize Draw Club to enable the organisation to not just stand still but actively grow and develop alongside our Teachers and Ringers.

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We have regular conversations with the RF Directors and this will continue until the company is formally dissolved. If you would like to support the work of ART, the ART Supporters Scheme is intended to offer a rewarding way of donating to the charity for individuals, groups, Guilds or companies.

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If you would like any more information, please contact Pip Penney.

Rob Parker

on behalf of the ART Management Committee