Interested in becoming a Ringing Development Officer?

Do you have some spare time to help ART with the next phase of its development in your local area/region?

ART has been in existence for over five years and is steadily growing and evolving. Over 1,600 people have attended an ART Training Scheme Module and over 525 have been accredited. To date over 3,000 new ringers are registered on the Learning the Ropes scheme. We also receive daily enquiries from members of the public who are interested in learning to ring, and from ringers looking for courses where they can make progress. They are willing to pay for this training.

There is considerable scope to use the Learning the Ropes structured learning scheme more widely alongside group teaching initiatives such as ART Hubs, where non-ART members work with ART Members to teach. Our annual ART Awards have also identified many examples of good recruitment and teaching practice that can be shared and rolled out elsewhere.

We have published a detailed section with recruitment advice, including case studies, for the benefit of all ringers on the public section of our website. We have also developed a series of workshops on different aspects of ringing and teaching which members and non-members are welcome to attend. More of these will follow over time.

In considering where we want to be in five years’ time, ART therefore wishes to provide more uniform coverage of the country, and to better support teachers in recruiting and catering for the demand from people interested in learning to ring, and maximise retention rates.

Whilst ART has a significant number of volunteers, and one part-time paid Administrator, ART believes that it now needs to trial the appointment of dedicated ‘Development Officers’ to work within a defined geographical area and build on this success.

Funding has been secured to appoint a few people to work as Development Officers in pilot areas, with funding limited to an expenses only basis. In the longer term, we may be able to employ paid part time development staff, as we already do with our Administrator, although first we need to pilot and develop the concept to see what works, and what does not.

Exactly what work the Development Officer undertakes, and the area to be covered is open for discussion, and we will consider all ideas. Certainly they would be expected to work with local Societies and leaders. It is likely to involve someone in working for several hours a week, and some travelling will be involved as it will be important to meet people at a local level on a face to face basis.

A full programme of induction and training will be given so if you are interested in supporting this initiative you need not currently be an ART Member. Some prior experience in recruiting and teaching ringers will be important, as are good interpersonal and communication skills.

We are also looking for volunteers for a small working group who will report direct to the ART Management Committee and oversee this project. Experience in coordinating volunteers and securing external funding would be a particular advantage. Teaching skills are less important, but candidates should demonstrate a keenness to innovate and a track record in making a real difference.

If you would like to know more please contact Roger Booth at by 10th October. If you wish, you can also discuss this with Roger beforehand on 07411 181583.