IT Skills? Could you help ART?

We are looking for volunteers with IT skills to augment our IT work group. Specifically we are looking for people who have experience in:

  • Server management
  • Website development

Each role can be performed by more than one person. So if your time is constrained or you have only some of the skills and experience required to fill one of the roles, then please still contact us. We can make it work.

» If you can help then please contact

Server management

You should have good general cPanel experience, php, mySQL as well as experience with one or both of the CMSs we use – Concrete5 and WordPress. You will be supporting the ‘front-end’ users with any technical issues they have with adding edited content via the CMS.

The role also involves monitoring server usage and availability, domain registration, renewal and DNS management, trouble-shooting and liaising with the hosting company, account renewals (and upgrades if necessary) and server security. Working alongside the ART Administrator you will be responsible for email management, mainly dealing with non-routine problems.

Given the scale of our operations, there are frequent requests for support. Any issues with server availability or speed require liaison with the hosting company and need to be acted upon quickly. Other issues can often impact front-line users (ringers and teachers) and as a customer-focused organisation it’s important that you are available to help fix things in a short amount of time.

Website development

This role is about upgrading our websites (e.g. upgrading the online shop, the ART Member's Directory or SmART Ringer.)

Required skills are related to the CMSs we use – so knowledge of Concrete5 and/or WordPress as well as basic HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and mySQL languages is required.

Much of this work can be planned/scheduled to your availability. Development may take place over an extended period of time and you can plan when to allocate time to doing this work.

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