Join ART LtR 50/50 CLUB for £1 per month

How many of your ringers have you got signed up to the ART LtR 50/50 CLUB?

The cost for a year’s membership is now just £12 – or only £1 each month.

Our funding from the Ringing Foundation will end in less than 6 months, and ART needs to become self-financing to survive. You can help by getting all your ringers to sign up for the 50/50 CLUB – all those who have a login to SmART Ringer are eligible to join.

The CLUB operates by giving 50% of all subscriptions back to CLUB members as prizes in the quarterly draws. The big Christmas draw provides a big prize fund, which we hope this year will be £150! The more more people that join the club, the bigger all the prizes will be!

The 50/50 CLUB has so far raised £540 of vital funding for ART.

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