Learning the Ropes is flying

2017 has seen a 40% increase in the number of new ringers registered onto the Learning the Ropes Scheme; with 455 new ringers being registered from January up to the end of June. We are also seeing a big rise in the number of Level 1 and Level 2 certificates being issued, as these ringers progress through the scheme.

» If you have a SmART Ringer login, why not have a look at the updated Learning the Ropes resources pages?

Learning the Ropes is a progressive learning scheme designed around the following principles:

  • A carefully structured syllabus so that each ringer can achieve their ultimate potential
  • Progression through a series of Levels measured against recognised benchmarks
  • Support and assistance to improve ringing skills
  • Use of quarter peals for skill consolidation through performance
  • A personalised certificate and name published in the Ringing World to give a real sense of achievement

Teachers can register their ringers onto the Learning the Ropes Scheme when they have attended an ART Day Course- either Module 1 or 2F/C.