Learning the Ropes Plus

Once you or one of your ringers can ring a quarter peal of Plain Bob Minor inside the world of method ringing begins to open up. The Learning the Ropes Plus scheme provides the pathway for progress and encourages learning in a structured way. Why not give it a go! Learning the Ropes Plus has been updated and is now in its third edition. The scheme is now open for ANY ringer, at ANY stage of learning, to follow. Steve Vickars tells us:

I find that the main Learning the Ropes scheme really motivates many of my learners, with its progressive stages, clear objectives and recognition of progress through awarding certificates. Having only restarted ringing myself 3½ years ago after 40 years absence, I am motivated to continue my own ringing self-development and I find the LtR Plus scheme very useful with several different objectives covering higher stages and more advanced methods. I also like the fact that it is possible to pursue these objectives non-consecutively or in parallel as time, inclination and opportunity allow, together with the recognition that achieving each brings. To-date I have reached Doubles, Triples, Plain Minor and conducting achievements and plan to attain Major and Treble Bob Minor this year. I also feel that it is important for my students to see that I am actively pursuing my own ringing development and that there is so much more to ringing than the Doubles and Minor content (important that it is) in the main LtR scheme. In fact, one of my learners who recently achieved LtR Level 5 has also been motivated to start LtR Plus. I would recommend it to everyone.

The progress logbooks indicate the methods to work on and the targets to achieve. It can be ordered through the ART online shop. If not already registered with SmART Ringer, the participant just to register on SmART Ringer and they can then request their certificates of achievement.

» Buy your Learning the Ropes Plus Achievement Logbook

The benefits of having a structured leaning scheme to introduce concepts and new skills in a graduated, logical way has long been recognised by many activities as being a huge benefit to learning. The concept of recognising achievement though certificates is a proven motivator and LtR Plus continues the good practice of the Learning the Ropes scheme in that regard.

The third edition progress logbook and SmART Ringer support is now available but those following earlier editions of LtR Plus may continue and still order certificates.

The scheme is divided into sections:

  • Doubles
  • Minor (Plain and Treble Dodging)
  • Surprise Minor
  • Triples & Major
  • Surprise Major
  • Higher Numbers
  • First Peal
  • Conducting
  • Handbell Ringing
  • Tower Management Skills

Certificates can be claimed for each section which do not have to be taken in any order or all completed – you can pick and choose. There is also a more flexible area for wider ringing skills.

The methods selected are designed to support progress in a structured way with each one introducing new concepts which are indicated in the progress logbook. You are required to ring plain courses of each method, touches of some and two or three quarter peals to complete a section and claim your certificate of achievement. (peals may be rung as an alternative!)

The methods have been updated and now, for instance, include the core seven “Pickled Egg” Surprise Major methods.

For those organising local practices LtR Plus provides a focus, as well as the opportunity to reward achievement. Targeted practices based on Doubles, Treble Dodging Minor or any other of the areas covered, can be run by focussing on the methods recommended with each introducing a new skill to learn. Once accomplished, the basic skills in each area will have been practised and mastered allowing a ringer’s repertoire to extend even further

If you, or a ringer in your tower, have just completed LtR Level 5 and ordered a certificate, then a free copy of the LtR Plus logbook can be requested and Hubs & Centres have also been offered a free copy. In due course a book to support learning the scheme will be published.

Have a go! Step up to the LtR Plus challenge today!