A Teacher's Guide to Learning the Ropes

This new book written by Pip Penney and produced by ART is aimed at ringing teachers.

It's a great book for any ringing teacher, covering the “how to” from the first bell handling lesson to teaching someone how to ring their first method. Illustrated throughout with colourful photographs and diagrams, the fundamentals of teaching ringing are explained in an easy to read, uncomplicated style.

Teaching tips and longer principles are provided to highlight important information and guidance is given on skills building at every stage with emphasis placed on the importance of developing all the foundation ringing skills.

The book is easy to dip into to find the relevant information about each stage of teaching. It follows the Levels of the Learning the Ropes scheme provided by the Association of Ringing Teachers [ART] and will help teachers progress their ringers from handling right up to ringing their first methods and calling their first touches.

The book is a companion publication to “A Ringer’s Guide to Learning the Ropes” following a similar format but interspersed with essays on such diverse matters as teaching to count places, developing ropesight and observation and feedback. A chapter is devoted to the principles of teaching and the formation of a band.

At 92 pages it is an attractive, simple & straightforward guide to support teaching at this level – now available at £6.80 including postage, with multiple copies available at £6.00 per book.

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