Tim Hine joins ART Management Committee

It is a pleasure to welcome Tim to the ART Management Committee.

Tim learnt to ring in Devon, mainly at school. Though he did do some ringing after that, it was at the end of his time at University in Aberystwyth that he got more involved. Tim had spells in Essex working as a teacher, and Warwick (Tower Captain at Lillington), moved in 1985 to Stafford where he still rings, and was employed as an Education Officer, working with schools in various roles. One of his teams ran a fleet of Staffordshire’s directly owned yellow buses!

Tim is a member of the Welsh Colleges' Society and also a College Youth. In the North Staffordshire Association he’s had various roles over 15 years, including Chair and Education Officer. Tim joined the Central Council in 2014 as a North Staffs representative and was recently elected Chair of the Education Committee.

Tim’s experienced a lot of the local approach to training, which is mainly to run weekend half day courses. This provides interesting insights to any helper into what can be achieved. Similarly Tim found much to learn from helping at the Keele courses. He was also the main teacher in support when two bands started from more or less scratch about 8 years ago in the local area. He likes recruits and has long been committed to teaching people on their own as far as possible during the initial stages. He regards the simulator as very useful .

Tim writes: When in late 2010 I encountered what was later to become ART, I was very impressed with the concept - and the energy of its practitioners. I still am. And I am happy to support the work of people to improve the prospects of ringing, and to share ideas with them.

If you would like to come and help us with our Committee work or have other skills you would like to offer, please let us know. There is much to do and we continue to look for people to help us.

Graham Nabb, ART Chairman