Tower Talk (Issue 5) - by ringers, for ringers

Welcome to issue number five of Tower Talk, a newsletter for ringers on the Learning The Ropes scheme.

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What's inside ...

Did you know there was a School of Bell Ringing? Founded in 2013 by ringers in Birmingham who wanted to offer high quality teaching across the city, this is an inspiring success story which has awarded over 100 Learning the Ropes certificates and has had a positive effect on ringing in the Birmingham area. In this issue of Tower Talk we meet some of the School’s founders, teachers and students, all of whom have contributed in some way to making this innovative approach really work for the benefit of everyone. To seal their success, the Birmingham School of Bell Ringing won an award last year for innovation in recruitment or retention. Well done Birmingham and here’s to the next 100 LtR certificates!

In the last edition of Tower Talk, I asked for your stories about your ringing journey – and I’m delighted to include a contribution from a ringer in Devon who has done exactly that! Thank you John Waite! And we also have a ‘Learning to Ring’ diary from new ringer Karen Adamson in Maldon, Australia. Hopefully we will share her highs – and perhaps the occasional low – over the coming months. Our Learning Tip addresses the tricky issue of odd-struckness, while our roaming ringers this time are the Marsworth band from Buckinghamshire who had a ‘Grand Day Out’ in Bedfordshire. There’s plenty more to read about in here as well, but I don’t want to give it all away here!

If you would like to share some of these experiences we would be delighted to include them in future editions of Towertalk. Just get in touch! The editor is Ruth Suggett and she can be contacted by e-mail on