M1: 27 November 2021 - Bundaberg

On the last Saturday in November, David Smith travelled to Bundaberg to run the first ART course on the recently restored Peace Bells. Sharon (Bundaberg) and Rachel (Maryborough) participated in both theory and practical sessions with assistance from other ringers from both towers. The day was used to consolidate the teaching of basic skills for new ringers starting with bell safety and progressing through to raising a bell independently. Other than the magnificent lunch catered by Meredith and Chris, the best session of the day was Solving Handling Problems. During this session the learners took their job to demonstrate their favourite ringing mistakes a little too exuberantly, resulting in an entertaining opportunity for Rachel and Sharon to show off their skills for coaching novices. The course allowed Sharon and Rachel to reinforce their teaching technique and tweak their current practice to be more effective for prospective learners.

Many thanks to David for taking the time to travel to Bundaberg and run the course on behalf of ART - and commiserations to Kathi Downs for being unable to attend due to COVID restrictions in QLD. Sharon and Rachel are looking forward to participating in the next ART training course, hopefully to be run at the ANZAB festival in Sydney next year.

Rachel and Sharon

Course Tutor: David Smith

Teaching Bell Handling

Practical advice for teachers, right from the first lesson.

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