M2C: 14 Jul 2018 - St Wilfrid's, York

It was a boiling hot day as we met in the hall next to St Wilfrid’s York for this ART Day Course, so it was good to be welcomed with a cup of tea, even if I did spill some of it over my course pack before we had even started. After this less than optimum beginning, we soon got into the introduction and first theory session. There was much to take on board but the idea that you would never be able to achieve accurate change- ringing without good bell control and the ability to hear your bell was agreed by all.

We were a fairly experienced group, although for one person it was their first ART Day Course, so the first practical session became a bit of a test of nerves as to who might be first to make a mistake! There was then another theory and practical session before lunch. These covered the very important and often difficult step of moving into plain hunting with practical ideas of how to achieve this.

After lunch we had more ringing, with ways of using easy steps to Plain Bob – some of which I had never experienced before although I had heard of them. There was much amusement when David Hull had to play the part of a learner who was: “rather shy and a bit afraid of putting in the calls without help”.

The final theory session encouraged lots of feedback and discussion from the floor and I am sure that we all went away with enthusiasm to try out some of our new-found knowledge. Those of us who live within easy reach (for North Yorkshire!) are hoping to arrange joint practices and support for each other. Thanks to Graham for an excellent and thought-provoking course.

Jennie Town

Course Tutor: Graham Nabb

Teaching Elementary Change Ringing

Learn how to teach the skills of change ringing.

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