M2C: 15 Oct 2016 - Abingdon

There were seven keen ringers on the course at Abingdon consisting of four from nearby Oxford, two from Chichester and one who came from the Channel Isles!

Graham Nabb was tutor for the day. He ably led the participants through the theory and practical sessions for all the stages of the learner ringer from just having mastered ringing both strokes, up to ringing doubles and minor inside.

In the theory sessions Graham used attractive slides to structure his excellent presentation.For the learner, the importance of their experiencing all the component skills needed before putting them together to achieve a whole was emphasised. For the tower captain/teacher, Graham emphasised the importance of preparing, recording and reflecting on each teaching session/practice so that there is a better experience and more continuity for the learner.

In the tower there were smiles on all the faces as he demonstrated on us the many fun new ways of approaching teaching each stage of ringing.Significantly there was lots of help with the often neglected stage when the learner is consolidating handling and learning to control his bell.

As local organiser, my job on the day was to provide the refreshments, and with the recent colder weather in mind, decided to serve a hot lunch:Spaghetti and home-made Bolognese sauce, aubergine and courgette lasagne and salad. And of course the usual pastries, cakes and fruit at coffee and tea breaks. Everyone seemed to enjoy the refreshments!

At the end of the day all but one of the trainees left with their heads full of the new ideas they had picked up during the day.Graham had again given a really good day of training.

I had asked the last trainee, Lindsay, to stay behind and be assessed for Module 1 by giving a lesson to two of the Abingdon young learners, Augustine and Michelle. Lindsay coped well with teaching children for the first time and passed with flying colours! A happy ending to an excellent day!

Susan Read, Abingdon, October 2016

Course Tutor: Graham Nabb

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