M2C: 18 January 2020 - Dunham Massey

I had been really looking forward to this course and having only recently completed the prerequisite quarter of Bob Minor Inside, I was certainly the most inexperienced of those attending.

We arrived to a warm church with a small anteroom for the theory and presentational parts and then upstairs there was a large, warm ringing room where the practical was to take place.

When you attend any course, there is an optimal number of attendees that maximises the course for everyone, it's very rarely met, but this time with 6 attendees it was always going to be lots of practical with a rope each, and nowhere to hide! It was a perfect storm of ringing training!

After we introduced ourselves, it was very obvious that I was the newbie ringer, but everyone was great, with lots of help and support, and ideas and comments coming in from all directions.

Moira was great, pushing us with questions and practical exercises that showed the issues around the perception of learners who are moving from their bell handling and rounds. There was a lot of fun with considerable laughter as we tried to put ourselves in the minds of the new ringer (easier for me of course!) and tried to perfect some of the exercises ourselves.

Overall it was an inspiring day with lots to take away and build on, new enthusiasts met and phone numbers were exchanged. A real step up from the M1 course, but very, very worthwhile.

A bit of constructive criticism to end .. its probably about time that the course slides were updated and some of the new thoughts on teaching added – a bit of a refresh would be beneficial.

Steve Farmer

Course Tutor: Moira Johnson

Teaching Elementary Change Ringing

Learn how to teach the skills of change ringing.

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