M2C: 29 Sep 2018 - Edington

Nine of us met at Edington Priory Church on Saturday 29th September for a full day of theory and practical sessions to help us take our learners forward into change ringing in easy to learn steps.

Edington29Sep18a.jpgThe day started with a welcome cup of coffee over introductions and registration and then it was off to the tower for five short PowerPoint presentations and four practical sessions.

We were able to enjoy a superb lunch prepared and served by the wife of the local Tower Captain, with the bonus of sitting in the churchyard in the warm sunshine to consume it. We all agree it was a very useful and informative course which has given us many new ideas in how to help our learners progress and how to lead practices for the benefit of all who are attending.

Some comments received after the course from the students:

"Good to get everyone involved in talking about unusual methods. Lots of ideas to help motivate ringers and feel they are progressing”

“Very well run course & thanks to David and Les for organising it”

“I have gained many tips and new methods which I will take great pleasure in putting into practice in my home tower”

“Good day with lots of useful, handy tips & ideas. I just need the ringers to implement some of them”

“Good facilities for theory, practice and catering at Edington”

“Thank you for a very interesting course”

David Hacker

Course Tutor: Les Boyce

Teaching Elementary Change Ringing

Learn how to teach the skills of change ringing.

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