M2C: 3 Sep 2016 - Pinhoe

Module 2C of the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) teacher-training course was held at St Michael and All Angels in Pinhoe, Exeter on Saturday 3rd September.

Led by Les Boyce and ably assisted with Sheila Scofield, we four students were taken through our paces covering a myriad of topics and methods in teaching ringers to Plain Hunt with easy steps into Bob Doubles. There was lots of information in-between with discussions on running a good practice and the mechanics of a successful tower.

The theory side of the course was interspersed with practical demonstrations and hands-on within the tower, with open dialogue sharing best practice amongst the group. Ringing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ by way of aiding effective bell control and rope sight with new ringers through to ringing long and short places, dodges, Churchyard Bob, Bastow Little Bob Doubles to name but a few of the elements rung. A review of the ‘39 Steps to Bob Doubles’ at lunchtime showed the incremental elements required to ring the method effectively starting from the bell handling stage.

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had with a fantastic lunch at the Pinhoe Hoard providing us all with much needed brain food, gearing us up nicely for the afternoon session.

Without doubt, the course provides essential information, arming the ringing teacher with a wealth of knowledge enabling them to expand and inject interest into teaching ringers moving into method ringing, whilst maintaining the interests of the supporting band.

I would highly recommend this course to all ringers who are or would like to help and teach others; without our input, giving back what has been afforded us, we have only ourselves to blame for any demise within the ringing community.

Our sincere gratitude to Les & Sheila once more for a most enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling course.

Mark Heritage

Course Tutor: Leslie Boyce

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