M2F: 16 Mar 2019 - Billingshurst

On Saturday 16th March, 12 intrepid ringers attended the ART Module 2F course at St Marys’ Church, Billingshurst. This module focuses on helping teachers to support new ringers make progress from ringing rounds to plain hunt.

While a number of course attendees already were experienced in ringing teaching, the course helped all present to think about how ART rightly believe that learning new skills is most effective when they are broken down into component parts.

ART also points out that understanding how people learn is key to supporting new bellringers. They ensure that they help course attendees develop their coaching skills. ART explains new ringers need opportunity to reflect on and discuss their progress. Precise feedback and encouragement from the teacher who provides points to improve is at the heart of ART’s approach. Of vital importance is ensuring that new ringers handle the bell well and hone their listening skills so they can place it where they want it to go.

The session provided alternative ways to help new bellringers improve their ringing skills. Examples included furry dice to provide a random generator of a number, useful when deciding how many hand/back strokes to ring before setting the bell. A domino game is useful to help learners understand ringing jargon and nomenclature. Various other fun approaches including ‘switcheroo’ and ‘shadowing’ were tried by the group. These tips will certainly bring variety and excitement to bell-ringing practices.

Some of the best parts of the day are practising how to explain clearly. Emphasis is placed on using props and demonstrations. The kaleidoscope approach is investigated and how it can be a valuable tool for new ringers to understand how to move their bell position. The course then builds together the component parts to support the new bell ringer to ring plain hunt.

Above all, the success of this course is to provide opportunity for ringing teachers to talk together to share ideas for best practice. Discussions focus on the importance of leading practice sessions well, making sure that the climate for learning is positive and that ringers’ needs are met.

ART provides excellent support materials to support ringing teachers. The publications are well worth reading.

You may have seen the recent debate about ART in the Ringing World.Attendees of this course vouch for the highly effective approach that ART takes in helping experienced ringers understand how to support developing ringers in the most effective way.

Sue Child

Course Tutor: Roger Booth

Teaching from Rounds to Plain Hunt

Learn how to teach build really good foundation ringing skills in your ringers.

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