M2F & M2C: 29 Sep 2018 - Penrith

This Day Course at Penrith was hosted - with much appreciated continuous coffee and biscuits - by Chris de Cordova, with Gill Hughes acting as our Course Tutor. Those attending had very varied levels of experience in teaching, from long-established tower captains who were attending as a refresher course, to those who have undertaken little or no teaching but wish to be better equipped in their ability to support the development of the band(s) they are involved with.

It was a combined Module 2F and Module 2C Day Course, which meant it met the needs of all attending, whether they had a newly formed band of brand new ringers or a very mixed band of experienced and inexperienced. The combined course did, however, mean it was quite a long and intense day, yet despite that Gill encouraged questions at any point. This enabled those attending to present real-life situations they had encountered, and the discussions these led to consolidated the learning, while at the same time being thought-provoking for all present (including Gill).

Taking hold of the rope to ring something we had never rung before and each taking a turn at teaching one another kaleidoscope ringing, Mexican wave, and "stepping stone" methods was great reinforcement of the theory and made sure we didn't sit still for too long!

Thank you Chris and Gill for an excellent day which I'm sure we all found extremely helpful.

Ruth Gilbert

Course Tutor: Gill Hughes

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