M1: 26 Jul 2014 - Philadelphia

I feel sheepish and chagrined for the length of time it’s taken me to write following the excellent ITTS Day Course you led and the Guild sponsored at your home tower. It was a great pleasure to be there and visit Philadelphia for the first time, and of course a privilege to benefit from the scholarship you and Tony have undertaken to bring in from England for our benefit here. I’m sure it will pay great dividends. I also enjoyed meeting a few new ringers – either new to ringing or new to me. I’m thinking of Michael whose hospitality I enjoyed, along with Dominic, Marie, the Gibsons, Tom and Scott, Quilla, Candace and Paul. And of course you Tutors who made it all possible! We all had a great experience and I know it will lead to better and more meaningful ringing instruction in our various bands.

Brother Matthew to Bruce Butler (Tutor), Church of the Transfiguration, Orleans MA


Course Tutor

Bruce Butler

Teaching Bell Handling

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