M1: 28 Jun 2014 - Ashdon

We found the Module 1 Day Course a very packed and intensively structured teaching course, with not a moment wasted, and with all the information and help easily accessible. We had 12 Trainee Teachers, and 6 Mentors, plus Graham teaching.

Most of our teachers valued the emphasis on bell-handling techniques, which they all felt were where the main problems that they had come across were, and how to deal with the difficulties which arise from this before they become serious. There was time to keep going over the demonstrations, and for the practice sessions in the tower – these highlighted some other handling queries and techniques which they also got a chance to work on with Graham, interspersed with the theory and DVD presentations. Some of our trainees were already having to teach as they had no one else in their towers, others were just beginning with a view to keeping practices going when the only other teacher was away, and some had never tried at all before.

The comments afterwards were very positive – ‘I’m going to start again with an open mind, and do things differently from now on’, ‘I’ve been teaching for years, but have learned some new things which will help now’, ‘This is just what we need in our tower, we have so many learners and have maybe been pushing them on and missed a few essential basics’. The consensus was that they were very encouraged and inspired to move forward now in a more structured way.

Our District Master, who is one of our Mentors, is now arranging for groups and individuals to get together to consolidate and practice the teaching skills, and some already have started teaching a new learner.

Carol Wilkinson


Course Tutor

Graham Nabb

Teaching Bell Handling

Practical advice for teachers, right from the first lesson.

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