Conducting - 29 Apr 2016

This was a great course which helped answer the questions I had about coursing order.

It started with the different notations for a touch and where to make the calls. It moved on to explain what the coursing order is and showed how different calls effect the coursing order for Bob Minor, including calling from a non-observation bell. We then went through the transposition for some simple touches, and later in the day tried to put this into practice.

I began to realise how hard it is to ring a method, call a touch and also transpose the coursing order all at the same time, but the course has inspired me to start learning the changes in coursing order for the basic touches of Bob Minor which I usually call, in the hope that it will become easier with practice, and that I will be eventually able do the transposition in my head for any touch of Bob Minor, and check that all the bells are right.

So it’s back to my home tower to put the theory into practice.

Gary Reading - Tower Captain at Loughton, Milton Keynes

Workshop Leader: Graham Nabb

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