Listen and Strike - 27 Aug 2017

Workshop programme

Practical 1 - You will develop your listening skills using various exercises on a simulator and in a classroom situation.

Practical 2 - You will perform exercises on tower bells to improve your listening skills whilst ringing. Includes the identification of uneven ringing, and how to correct inaccuracies.

Practical 3 - You will use familiar exercises in a repetitive manner, in order to develop your feeling of the rhythm and to improve your performance over the course of the session.

Workshop report

As you can see from the programme, this was a very comprehensive, informative and enjoyable course which took place at Stretham on 27th August. The students were able to take advantage of individual attention in a range of bell-handling and listening exercises. They were also able to listen to a recorded group ringing and asked to identify mistakes. This was not as easy as it sounds, especially as the mistakes became more subtle as the exercise progressed. There was plenty of time to practise the skills covered and identify individual difficulties – which is not practical at weekly tower practices – and regular intervals for refreshment.

Personally I will grab with both hands the opportunity to practise over and over again things such as ringing up and down which cannot be done at regular practice without incurring the ire of the local population.

I hope many more novice and medium experienced bell ringers will take advantage of future similar courses.

Many thanks to the long-suffering teachers.

Diane Quarrie

Course Tutor: Barbara Le Gallez

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