Simulator Awareness - 1 Jul 2017

We came from all directions and all had a different agenda. What we were there for was a simulation awareness workshop, what we got was a well-informed introduction to simulators and a wide-ranging informative discussion on the future of how simulators could help ringers ring without disturbing the neighbours.

While the workshop was designed as an introduction to the subject, all of us knew something about them before we arrived. This ranged from “we have an old computer from the 80’s gathering dust in the corner”, through” we put one in 3 months ago and need more information on how it works” to “what are the
latest developments on the horizon?”

All these questions and more were ably answered by Tony Croft, who made a very good job of presenting a topic he has immense knowledge of.

Something that can be quite difficult, without getting too tied up in the technical detail that often. A workshop to be recommended, especially to anyone who wants to know more about this technical subject. Or is considering putting in a computer to help their learners.

Elaine Greatrex

Course Tutor: Tony Croft

» What is a Simulator Awareness Workshop?