Simulator Awareness - 24 Nov 2018

On 24th November, eight students met at St Mary Abbots, Kensington to learn about ringing with simulators.

The workshop was led by Roger Booth, who has been involved with simulator technology from its early days.

Roger showed how simulators, particularly Abel, can be used in teaching and learning to help develop key ringing skills, especially listening. There was also some technical discussion of set-ups and sensors, and a brief review of alternative software, Beltower and Virtual Belfry. With dumb-bells we faced the challenge of striking well with a simulator.

Later we learnt how to set up on the computer different exercises, methods and screen views, and also how to review striking - scope for encouraging learner competition there! I for one, left inspired to make more use of our simulators, both on my own account and for training current and future learners.

Many thanks are due to Roger, who travelled up from Alresford to run the course. Thanks also to Clyde Whittaker and Stephanie Pattenden, who facilitated use of the tower and dumbells for a stimulating morning’s simulating!

Susan Read

Workshop Tutor: Roger Booth

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