A ropeful of resources for ringers during COVID19 and beyond

In these extraordinary times, the ringing community has found a number of ways to keep ringing going, even whilst we are not able to ring bells for real. Practices, pub sessions and quiz nights have transferred to Zoom, Ringing Room appears to have hit it off rather well, and handbells are coming into their own – never have we seen so much love for Minimus!

Thanks to so many who have helped in building a bank of resources for ringers during this time of lockdown and social distancing.

Teaching and Learning Resources

Ringing with others

During this period where we are not able to physically ring together, ringers are increasingly turning to online, virtual practices to develop their ringing skills and keep in touch. In this article – virtual platforms are so now – two ringers share their account of virtual ringing and offer advice on how to get started.

  • Ringing Room - a virtual bell tower specifically for ringers to continue ringing with one another even when socially distanced. Register for free and have a go! There's also a Facebook group if you're stuck or looking for people to ring with.
  • Some useful tips on using Ringing Room and a short users guide.
  • Handbell Stadium, a ringing platform to simulate handbell ringing – for beginners or pros alike
  • Muster is the latest online platform ... keep an eye on this and expect future developments
  • Ding allows you to practise as a team, or as an individual or as a small group with "Bob" filling in for the other ringers. A different interface too.

Keeping in touch

Missing ringing and your ringing friends? What's the best way of working together to ring and to have fun – here are some quick guides to help you choose

  • Have you tried hosting an event using the Webex platform?
  • Discord is another option that is commonly used by the gaming community. Some people like it because you can appear to talk over each other more naturally.
  • Zoom into fun, laughter & ringing with friends
  • Let your imagination run riot - how about this Cheese and Wine evening organised by the Welsh Colleges?
  • Webinars and group calls don't have to be educational. Guest speakers aren't charging fees at the moment, but we've heard of a local talking about climbing Everest, learning about Devon Call Change ringing and a very high profile ringer talking about making marmalade!

Practising at home

  • Simulation opportunities - purchase and download Abel & Mobel
  • Or why not try – Virtual Belfry or Beltower?
  • If you're new to these, have a look at this series of short YouTube videos to help you get the most out of Abel and improve your listening and striking skills from the comfort of your home
  • The Tadhill resources are an excellent way of improving your listening and method learning skills. They come with a health warning though – the activities can be highly additive!

Learning and Development

Just because there's not ringing, doesn't mean that there is no teaching and learning. Why not use the lockdown to continue learning and teaching? Here's some great examples ...

  • St Martin's Guild share their training resources, including webinars
  • The Cambridge District are constantly adding to their ringing resources
  • The Surrey Association have built a new community website for lockdown with a great list of learning resources
  • The Lewisham District are recording a wide-ranging set of webinars
  • ART is to launch new online learning portal. The first course will be advertised very soon. Why not enrol here?
  • Join Mark Robbins as he introduces us to the more advanced concepts of Plain Bob Doubles
  • New to handbells? Then find out all you need to know about learning to ring handbells using YouTube
  • Handbell lapping is a great way to understand method structure and have a lot of fun. If you haven't any handbells, you can try lapping bells, glasses or even cuddly toys!
  • There's even been a correspondence course ...
  • Fancy a challenge which will help your ringing when we can get back to it? then Ringing with Pens from Helen McGregor is just for you!

YouTube, blogs and podcasts

Of course, social media, a major part of modern society anyway, is playing a not insignificant part in the current climate.


  • Looking for some inspiration to keep in touch with your bell ringing? Why not try these daily challenges – one for each day of the month?
  • The Society of Royal Cumberland Youths have produced a "Lockdown Challenge" for their members. But they have kindly said "please do share this with ... other members of your tower or branch who may find it interesting", so here it is. Note that the competition itself is open just to members of the SRCY. Alternatively you may wish to use the template to design a similar quiz for your local ringers.
  • There are some great quizzes appearing on the Bellringers Facebook group –- name the tower, Word Winks, impossible anagrams and amusing, but perhaps deadly serious, virtual competitions (e.g. the best ring of 12)

If you have feedback or something you'd like to add, then please contact the ART Resources Administrator

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If you like these resources then please share them with your ringing friends.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this library of resources.