Working-age adults

Some towers see working-age adults as the ideal recruits. They are often married, settled, have a family in the village, kids at school or university and a job, no plans to move, old enough to show a commitment and bring along experience, intelligence, and yet are physically able enough to ring.

You may find that this age group are attracted by the idea of some "time out away from work or the kids", doing an activity that’s just for them, with the opportunity of spending time and making friends with other adults. As these days, plenty of friendship and social contact is through online media such as Facebook or text, ringing also offers the chance to get together with others in person and enjoy a shared activity.

They can learn quickly contrary to some people's perceptions. Look at the ringing CVs of some of the ART Award nominees.

Neil Waterman

Started learning at 50 and completed the Learning the Ropes curriculum in 18 months. To do this he had to ring 6 quarter peals including one of Plain Bob Minor inside. He has now rung 12 methods inside to quarter peal standard, comprising 8 Doubles, 3 Plain Minor plus Kent Treble Bob Minor.

Christine Barnell

Started ringing (after a number of false starts) in September 2013 and completed the Learning the Ropes Scheme in 2½ years. Christine has rung 30 quarter peals in total, in a good variety of methods, 23 of them in 2016:

Plain Bob Doubles x 6
Grandsire Doubles x 4
St Martin’s Bob Doubles
Mixed Doubles (treble)
St Simon’s Bob Doubles (inside)
Plain Bob Minor x 7
St Clements College Bob Minor (treble)
Cambridge Surprise Minor (treble)
Grandsire Triples x 5
Plain Bob Major x 3

Both ringers had the support of good teachers and experienced ringers, but look what they achieved in such a short time!


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