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Chairman's Chatter

The AGM and Conference was as popular as ever – however attendance was affected a little by the weather. This affected some presenters and delegates but after a slow start about 90 attended during the day. A very flexible approach to the planned programme was taken which saw most subjects dealt with. In the early evening, Stephanie Warboys and Stephanie Pattenden hosted the ART Awards ceremony which recognised excellent work and results, with cash prizes given to support future initiatives. The Sunday sessions on Simulators and New Technology (run by the CCCBR Education Committee) ... [contd]

» The state of the ART


The ART Conference went to Royston

In the presentations at the ART conference, the very strong message came through that the younger generation found that ringing could be FUN and something to share with their mates.They are the ones who are so computer savvy that they are going to find it easy to run these programmes to help them learn to ring. It is just up to us oldies to supply them with the hardware and software and they – the next generation will do the rest! Shelagh Cox

» More quotes and impressions from Royston


ART Takes your Privacy Seriously

How ART is responding to the new GDPR regulations.

» What will ART be doing?

» New privacy policy

Module 2 - Moving on from rounds

Module 2F or 2C - which is the right one for you?

From the teachers


Teaching Rebecca to ring

Her teacher wasn't phased by Rebecca being blind and now she's well on the way to becoming a member of her band.

» Teaching Rebecca


Group Teaching

Find out what has motivated the formation of three new ART Ringing Hubs and their plans for the future.

» Ringing School, Teaching Centre, Hub


The Slapton Belles - revisited

The second installment of the Slapton Belles story - the team is starting to come together

» The Slapton Belles

Recruitment & retention

Ringing Remembers in Northern Ireland

Ringing Remembers is being used to attract and train up new recruits to seven towers with connections to the First World War.

» Ringing Remembers as a catalyst for renewal

Coping with an influx of new learners

The Fylde ringers have embraced ART and its approach to teaching which is safe, commands their confidence and enables them to contribute to the training of each others’ learners. They are doing things differently and getting results.

» Doing things differently

Adult Education Classes

A Northampton initiative originally conceived as a way of increasing awareness. It's a long day's work each term, but there's a waiting list for future classes, as well as generating funds and attracting seven new ringers.

» Adult Education Classes


Small is beautiful

How did one of the smallest primary schools in England manage to win the 2018 ART Sarah Beacham School Group Award?

» Lerryn School and its ART Award

» Find out more about the ART Awards

Education & Technology

Education Matters

Written by education professionals. Making sure your learners look forward to coming back each week.

Table tennis anyone?

Remember the “Table Tennis Ladder”? The Chester DG have taken this concept and applied it to striking competitions.

Pip's Teaching Tips

Help your ringers hear their bell and develop the good rhythmic ringing we all want to hear.

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