To our volunteers, thank you!

At the ART Conference we recognised all our volunteers, without whom ART couldn't operate. Thank you so much for giving both your time and skills during the past year!

The ART Conference

Graham Nabb - organisation
Anne Sladen & Gill Hughes - conference bookings, badges & bookstall
Alan Bentley & John Cater - photos
Lesley Belcher, Deb Baker, Alison Everett & Steph Pendlebury - advertising & media centre
Mark Regan, Matt Bulbeck, Marcus Booth, Andrea Watkins, Simon Rudd & Nikki Thomas, Roger Booth, Don Mclean & Matt Lawrence, Ian & Louise Wilson, Jennie Higson & Giles Willson, Simon Linford & Clare McArdle - speakers

The ART Awards

Stephanie Warboys - ART Awards organiser
Stephanie Pattenden, Jennie & David Town - judges
Sarah Beacham Trust, John Taylor & Co, AbelSim, CCCBR, Talent Innovations, ASCY, Ecclesiastical Insurance - sponsors
Deb Baker & Lesley Belcher - media
Stephanie Warboys, Clare McArdle, Birmingham School of Bell Ringing, St Martin's Guild - Masterclass

Information Technology

Rob Parker, Sam Bolingbroke, Kate Stanley & Andrew Hall - websites
Steve Johnson, Doug Davis & Simon Lockhart - server management


Gill Hughes, Anne Sladen, Tony Goodman - distribution, accounts & version control


Claire Culham, Simon Needham, Lesley Belcher & Catherine Sturgess - ART WORKS
Ruth Suggett, Mike Rigby & Catherine Sturgess - Tower Talk
Lesley Belcher - website content
Lesley Belcher & Deb Baker - social media
Chris de Cordova, Monica Hollows & Ann O'Hare - Facebook groups

Course Delivery

Sally Bramson & Gill Hughes - course packs
Roger Booth, Leslie Boyce, Lesley Boyle, Neil Donovan, Judith Frye, Geoff Horritt, Gill Hughes, Andy Ingram, Moira Johnson, Paul Lewis, Clare McArdle, Graham Nabb, Heather Peachey, Pip Penney, Frank Seabright, Bruce Butler, Corinne Rule, Josclyn Sloan & David Smith - Tutors
Graham Nabb & Heather Peachey - course materials

Course Organisers


Lesley Belcher - co-ordination
Richard Booth - Membership Adminstrator
Elaine Greatrex - Safeguarding Administrator


John Cater - ART Treasurer
50:50 Club - Chris de Cordova, Anne Sladen, Gill Hughes
Graham Nabb - ART Supporters scheme
Bernard Taylor (Derbyshire) - Independent Examiner


Paul Flavell, Graham Nabb, John Cater, Lesley Belcher, Gill Hughes, Paul Lewis, Leslie Boyce, Andrew Wilby - Trustees
Graham Nabb, Heather Peachey & Philip George - Equality Panel

Teaching & Standards

Stephanie Pattenden - Educational Advisor
Paul Lewis, Graham Nabb, Frank Seabright, Pip Penney - standards workgroup
Alan Bentley & Graham Nabb - Teaching Centres & Hubs
Roger Booth, Matt Lawrence, Tony Croft, Don McLean & Juliet Cunningham - Regional Development

ART Assessors

Simulator Resources

Roger Booth & Chris de Cordova - technical expertise
Lesley Belcher - website design

ART Videos

Beth Johnson - Director and Scriptwriter
St Mary Abbots Kensington - location
John Harpole, John Cater, Luke Bradley, Caleb Saunders, Steve Johnson, Minmin Xi, Simon Ward, Daniel Ward, Hannah Brooks, Emily Brooks, Lesley Boyle, Nikki Thomas, Ruth Suggett, Janet Bond, Sarah Robbins, Mark Robbins, Paul Lewis, Louise Booth, Nic Boyd - cast

Fun with Bells Podcast

Cathy Booth - organiser & interviewer
Paul Higgs & Sam Bolingbroke - technical support
John Gwynne & Anne Tansley-Thomas - post-production
Lesley Belcher, Nic Boyd, Sue Hall - marketing

ART Teachers & Learning the Ropes Ringers

Without whom we would be nothing!