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Is it just me or is there slightly more optimism in the bell ringing world than normal? If so, then credit must go to Simon Linford and his vision and energy as the new President of the Central Council. I imagine that the “we are doomed” brigade are just biding their time, but a wave of optimism and new initiatives is just what ringing needs.

The ART Conference weekend is fast approaching. We saw a surge of registrations when the online booking system opened, catalysed by a mailing to all our Members containing their £5 discount vouchers. That means that if you come to the conference you will effectively be recouping the full cost of your membership fees. It’s a simple way for us to say thank-you to all our teaching volunteers.

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ART in Singapore


A ring of 12+1 was installed in Singapore in August of last year. This was a particularly significant event, as there is little or no tradition of change ringing in Asia. Enormous credit must go to Andrew Reynolds, the Taylor's team and all involved in this project. The ring is a 25 cwt 12 with a flat 6 (which creates a “front eight” consisting of 2 to 9 with the flat 6, as well as the “back six” consisting of 5 to 12), and there's also a dumb bell.

Creating the ring is however just the first step – someone then has to ring the bells ...

» David Smith talks about training the band

What's new in ART?


ART Conference 2020 - Making a difference

The ART annual conference is a regular feature in the ringing calendar. It is an inspiring and enjoyable weekend for all ringers as well as ART Members, with speakers sharing their own ringing and teaching ideas as well as those from other activities and professions.

From a previous conference attendee …

"I've sat in a lot of rooms and halls, full of ringers, filled with ringers' teas. And, although we have some good meetings, there's always the grumbles. The ART Conference was a breath of fresh air. Still a room full of ringers, but enthusiastic, motivated ringers, who want to make ringing better. People who believe it's not just about bell ringing, it's actually about bell ringers. Can't wait for next year!"

All conference places were filled by the end of January, but we are intending to live-stream the event, so why not join us on Facebook or YouTube?

» Conference details


Our newest ART Tutor

We are pleased to welcome Christine Richardson from Sunderland to the ART Tutor team.

» Introducing Christine


New Treasurer for ART

It is a real pleasure to welcome Sue Dixon to the ART Management Committee as our new ART Treasurer.

» Introducing Sue

Out and about


The benefits of Learning the Ropes told by a ringer taught without it but who is now using the scheme for her ringers.

» Elena's story


The Essex Association have been using simple statistics to work out what to do next with ART.

» Vicki Chapman explains


Developing young ringers' conducting skills leads turns into a profitable exercise for the Lancashire Youth team.

» Youth conducting workshop

A world record number of accreditations


A quiet weekend at the beginning of the year was livened up by a stream of accreditation recommendations all from the same ART Assessor.

It turns out that Yorkshire was going for what looked like a world record attempt. Nineteen (that's 19) accreditations in one day.

Big thanks must go to Helen Nichols for organising, Christine Richardson for assessing and all those teachers and mentors for putting in the hard work to become ART teachers. Not everyone is in the photo because the presentation had to be staggered.

» Behind the scenes at Sprotbrough

Education & Technology

Ringing World blue pathway

The Ringing World has introduced the concept of pathways. Part challenge, learning, focus and exploration and and hopefully fun. There are three pathways: red, blue and yellow.

» Follow the pathway here

Steps to ropesight

Acquiring that elusive skill known as “ropesight” can be frustrating. Heather believes you can’t specifically teach or learn ropesight but you can provide the best opportunities for the skill to develop.

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Useful resources

Over the years ART has developed a varied set of resources, including: Teaching Tips, Recruitment & Retention and Simulator. Why not have a look - we hope you find them useful.

» Teaching resources

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